We're passionate about creating exceptional experiences. 


Garrett Hotel Consultants (GHC) brings decades of luxury hotel experience to the task of creating small, jewel-like hotels out of underutilized great estates, existing hotels, or historic properties that need new vision and re-conceptualization.

Garrett Hotel Consultants has created and operated some of the finest hotels in the world and has access to the finest talents in the field, from architects and interior designers to world-class managers and chefs. We work with discerning clients to create something truly extraordinary and profitable out of their properties - be they ranches, castles, mansions by the sea, Great Camps in the woods - or just a dream.

GHC advises on existing properties and development projects and how to command higher rates and longer stays, develop new clientele, maximize PR and improve staff; or actually create a remarkable experiential hotel from nothing at all, and then when it's all done, hand you the keys.