GHC - Boutique Hotel Consulting

Garrett Hotel Consultants specializes in untapped potential.


We know hotels inside and out. GHC brings decades of luxury hotel experience to the task of creating small, jewel-like hotels and inns out of existing properties that need preservation and a new lease on life. We work with clients to create something truly exceptional out of their property, be it an historic estate or a languishing B&B, a cattle ranch or a castle by the sea.

Guests want to love your hotel. Our job is to make sure they do – and that they are willing to pay for that gratifying experience and come back again for more. Whether in a five-star luxury retreat that commands top dollar, or in the wonderful, affordable little spot down the road, we will show you how to command higher rates and longer stays, develop new clientele, maximize PR, improve staff, and garner rave reviews.

GHC has created and operated some of the finest hotels in the world and has access to the finest talents in the field, from architects and interior designers to world-class managers and chefs. We offer a range of services, and help clients create something both extraordinary and profitable.

Take a look at what we’ve done. Your new hotel starts here.