Inn of the Five Graces

Inn of the Five Graces, NM

East meets West in Santa Fe


An alliance of talents between The Garrett Hotel Group and the local owners evolved into one of the great hotels in the Southwest, The Inn of the Five Graces. It is a spectacular place, a 24-suite boutique city hotel nestled in Old Santa Fe. It is a world of its own, a honey-walled sanctuary of peace, luxury and quiet. The low golden buildings of the inn, some centuries old, hold rooms of surpassing beauty. The owners’ deep knowledge of and contact with communities in the Middle and Far East very much informed the design process, and the blend of oriental artifacts and décor with the landscape and traditional architecture of Santa Fe was an inspired combination.

The Garrett Hotel Group incorporated four sets of small apartment buildings clustered around two stone courtyards into a single private hotel that has the cozy, welcoming feel of a small village. Exterior pathways and corridors lead to public rooms and gardens. A neighboring restaurant was acquired and a courtyard expanded so that the restaurant became, in effect, part of the hotel.